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The Ticket, together with the General Conditions, describes the terms and conditions of this Contract. The General Conditions can be found at the disposal of the public on the website of the Carrier, (, and a copy can be obtained at the address indicated in Clause 1 and at the check-in counters.

The ticket will only be valid for the passenger whose name appears therein and for the flight shown, and it will be necessary that the flight correspond to the one reserved and that the passenger presenting the Ticket be the person who originally was listed as a passenger or the person specified in a change made after the initial reservation was made, provided that said change had been made in accordance with these General Conditions.

Payment in accordance with Clause 5.3 shall signify the acceptance of this Contract.

Seat Reservations

Reservation Requirements: The seat reservation for a flight is confirmed when the Carrier issues a tracking number or the Ticket, with no further confirmation required.

Changes in the reservation: The passenger will not have the right to change the reservation once it is confirmed. Without infringing upon the aforementioned, the identity of the passenger or the flight can be changed (subject to seat availability), paying a surcharge per passenger, and, where appropriate, the difference between the price of the original Ticket and its corresponding taxes and charges, and the price of the new Ticket and its corresponding taxes and charges. The surcharge for changing the identity of the person on the reservation will be 30 euros. Changes to the reservation should be made at least two (2) hours before the departure of the flight. The Ticket must have the same person’s name on it for every leg. The name on the Ticket may not be changed if any leg indicated therein has already been completed.

Payment: The price of the Flight Ticket as well as taxes, handling fees and any other administrative charges relating to the booking shall be paid in full at the time the reservation is confirmed. Should the aforementioned payment be verified as outstanding, the Contract shall be deemed not to have come into effect and the present Conditions shall not be applicable.


Check-in Deadline: The passenger must arrive at the airport with sufficient time relative to the departure time of their flight to be able to carry out all the governmental formalities and, when applicable, to check in baggage.

Check-in desks will close 40 minutes before departure; no passenger arriving any later will be permitted on the flight. The passenger is responsible for complying with the Registration Time Limit applicable for the corresponding Ticket.

The Carrier reserves the right to deny boarding to a passenger once the corresponding Check-in Deadline has been exceeded, in which case the Carrier will not be liable for any damage that the passenger may suffer as a result of non-acceptance for boarding the flight.

Once the established Check-in deadline has passed, the Carrier may give the seats corresponding to passengers with reservations that have not been identified in the corresponding check-in counter or in any other office that the Carrier may indicate before the Check-in Deadline to stand-by passengers who may be on the waiting list.

Check-in: In order to check-in baggage, the passenger must present the ticket or corresponding tracking numbers and current national identification documents or passports that allow proper identification. The Carrier reserves the right to identify the passenger by other means if it deems the documentation to be insufficient or doubts arise about the identification or the validity of this documentation.



The carrier will assume responsibility for the passenger’s baggage from the moment it is submitted for check-in. The Carrier will provide the passenger a baggage receipt that will serve as proof that the baggage had been checked in.

Each passenger may transport (according to free weight allowance) up to a maximum of 20kg of baggage without surcharge. The passenger will be charged 6€ for each kg of baggage that exceeds that weight. The Carrier reserves the right to increase, reduce or suppress this amount at any given moment.

Passengers may keep 1 piece of baggage in the aircraft cabin weighing up to 10kg and maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm (see baggage). Additionally, passengers can take on board a woman’s handbag or small briefcase, a coat, a cloak or travel blanket, an umbrella or cane, a pair of crutches, a small photographic camera or binoculars.


Flight changes and amendments to the names on tickets may be made on the condition that they are requested no later than 2 hours prior to departure.

A charge of €30 shall be applied to each of the flights changed whilst one of €30 shall be made for changing the name on the ticket.

Should a higher fare total be applicable at the time of the changes than at the time of the original booking, then the difference will also be added to the aforementioned charges. In cases where a lower fare is applicable at the time of the amendments to the booking, then the difference shall not reimbursed.

Changes can be made by entering the “Changes and queries” section of our website ( or by telephoning the Vueling reservation centre on 902 33 39 33. This shall be subject to an additional charge of €7.

To change the ticket-holder’s name, you must get in contact with our Vueling Customer Service Centre. If you’ve completed one of the legs included in the ticket, we cannot modify the ticket-holder, the day of your return flight, or the destination you initially chose.

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