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All Norwegian flights are ticket less. After having completed your reservation, make your way straight to a Norwegian check-in desk when you arrive at the airport. State your name/booking reference and show valid proof of identity (passports for international departures). If your reservation is valid, you will be checked in without delay and given a boarding card to show when boarding at the gate. If you book your ticket online, a mail containing a PDF file with your travel itinerary and a bar code will be sent to your e-mail address. Hand this document to the check-in personnel when you arrive at the check-in counter. Even if you have lost or forgotten to bring your e-mail confirmation, you can still go to the check-in counter, show valid proof of identity and tell the check-in personnel that you booked a seat on a specific flight online. Guidelines and routines may be subject to change without prior notice. We endeavour to ensure that all information on our website is correct and up to date, although Norwegian reserves all rights against any potential loss or damage, direct or indirect, occurring as a result of erroneous information.


You are permitted to take two pieces of luggage per person per segment with a maximum weight of 20 kilos per piece. The price per piece of checked in luggage is 27 kroner for travel within Norway and 25 kroner for international flights. If the total weight of your luggage exceeds 40 kilos, or any of the pieces weigh more that 20 kilos, then the extra weight will be charged as excess luggage at the following rates: kr 40/6 euro per kilo.

If you have made a reservation and then decide that you want to take more luggage, you will need to pay for any additional pieces at the airport. It is not possible to pay for extra pieces/excess luggage over the phone or internet after you original booking has been completed.

We cannot accept individual baggage units weighing more than 32kg. We permit a total baggage allowance of 60kg. Infants under 2 years are permitted to take up to 5kg of checked-in baggage including a car seat, pram or pushchair. Infants under 2 years are not permitted to carry hand luggage on board apart from food and drink for consumption during the flight.


We would advise our passengers to check in well before departure. Check-in usually opens two hours at the latest and closes 30 minutes before a scheduled departure for flights within Norway. Check-in closes 45 minutes before a scheduled departure for flights outside Norway. Check-in opens one hour before a flight departure for flights leaving before 07:00. Passengers carrying hand luggage only on domestic flights do not need to go to the check-in counter. Check-in is, however, compulsory for all other flights. Passengers travelling with live animals must check in at the latest one hour before departure. Norwegian reserve the right to reject passengers arriving at a Norwegian check-in counter after the specified check-in deadline for a flight.


Norwegian’s flight

Norwegian operates as a pure “point-to-point” airline, and does not generally take responsibility for connecting flights, not even between the airline’s own flights, unless we are liable for compensation in the event of a delay (See Article 10 in Norwegian’s General Conditions of Carriage). Nevertheless, many of our passengers choose to fly several consecutive legs with Norwegian. In this case, we would recommend allowing at least 90 minutes before a connecting flight. If you do leave a gap of at least 90 minutes between an arrival and departure and miss your connecting flight because of circumstances for which Norwegian cannot be held responsible, contact our Customer Centre and we will do our utmost to book you a seat on a later departure on which there are available seats. This is providing there are seats available on the flight in question.


Children must show their passport when travelling to and from Norway. Passengers on Norwegian flights are charged per occupied seat. Infants less than 2 years travel free of charge on domestic flights if sitting on the lap of an accompanying adult and pay 10% of the adult fare on international flights plus any extra airport taxes etc. An adult can travel with up to two infants, but is then required to purchase an additional seat and travel with a baby seat.

Children aged 2 years and less than 16 years qualify for a child’ discount on flights when accompanied by an adult over 16 years. To obtain a child’s discount, the child’s age must be given when making a reservation, as well as whether the child will be travelling unaccompanied or with an adult over 16 years of age or older. Unaccompanied minors must book a flight a minimum of 48 hours before departure through our Customer Centre on 815 21 815 press 2 or 00 47 21 49 00 15 press 2 outside Norway and pay a fee NOK 150,-/EUR 20 per way on domestic flights (incl.VAT) and NOK 250,-/EUR 30 per way on international flights, although we are unable to offer assistance to customers booking a flight less than 48 hours before departure.

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