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The services and prices shall apply as confirmed with the booking. After the contract has been concluded, the Airline is entitled to amend the price of the flight in the event of any change in fuel costs or charges for particular services, such as airport or security charges, or in the event of changes in exchange rates, where such changes amount to at least 10 % of the unit price. Such amendments are permissible provided that the period between the conclusion of the contract and the agreed date of travel is greater than four months and that the Airline informs the passenger of the amendment as soon as it becomes aware of such changes. In the event of a seat-related increase in costs of carriage (e.g. fuel costs), the Airline may demand payment of the increased amount; otherwise the additional costs of carriage shall be divided by the number of the seats on the aircraft and the resultant increase applied as a charge to each individual seat. If charges such as airport charges, payable by the Airline, are increased, the price of the flight may in turn be increased by the appropriate proportionate amount. In the event of a change in exchange rates after the contract of carriage has been concluded, the price of the flight may be increased in line with the amount by which carriage has become more expensive for the Airline. A price increase may only be demanded up to 21 days before the agreed departure date. If the price increases applied after conclusion of the contract amount to more than 5 % of the total flight price, the passenger is entitled to withdraw from the contract without incurring any expense. In the event of any reduction or cancellation with regard to taxes, charges or costs that are not included in the price of the flight but that have already been paid, the additional amount will be refunded.

All payments are to be made either by a credit card accepted by the Airline or by direct debit from a German, Austrian or Dutch bank account to be specified by the person making the booking. The passenger may pay the entire cost of travel in cash, but only at an Air Berlin/NIKI ticket desk and on the day of booking. In each case the full amount is to be paid. An advance payment in cash will not be accepted. The payment may not be collected by an intermediary. If a credit card company or a bank should refuse to settle the debt arising from the contract, the Airline shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract after setting a date for payment, and to cancel the booking, which may incur a charge. In such an event a handling charge of 25 EUR (rounded amount in local currency: approx. 18 GBP) per passenger will apply.

Travel documents

Passengers using our AB-TIX service (e-tickets) will receive confirmation of their booking by post or email and can collect their boarding card for the booked flight on presentation of a valid identification card or passport and the booking reference at the check-in desk. Passengers booking through a travel agent can collect their tickets from the travel agent within twenty days of departure. If the travel agency does not issue tickets and in all other cases, passengers will either be sent their tickets by post (approx. 10 days prior to departure) or, if posting the documents no longer appears a reasonable option (especially for addresses outside Germany), passengers can collect their tickets from the Air Berlin / NIKI ticket desk on presentation of a valid identification card or passport and their booking reference. Passengers will not be allowed to board without a valid document (or without AB-TIX). If replacement documents have to be issued for reasons beyond the Airline’s control, a fee of 25 EUR (rounded amount in local currency: approx. 18 GBP) will be charged for each replacement document.

Every passenger is responsible for observing all legal provisions pertinent to undertaking the journey (e.g. passport, visa and health regulations, including those regarding accompanying pets) as well as for ensuring that the travel documents are complete. In the event of non-compliance, the Airline is entitled to refuse carriage and to charge the passenger for all resultant costs and damages.

Changes/changes in departure times

The Airline does its utmost to transport passengers and baggage as punctually as possible. Scheduled flight times may be subject to reasonable changes for operational reasons. The Airline will endeavour to keep changes to flight departures to a minimum and to inform passengers as soon as possible of any such changes (taking into account that information relating to any return flight may be provided when the flight is reconfirmed). Passengers are obliged to confirm flight times 24 to 48 hours before the departure of the return flight by telephoning +49 (0)30-4102 1021. Passengers are not entitled to claim carriage if they have missed a flight on account of failing to reconfirm the flight time. The Airline is entitled – only in so far as necessary – to change the type of aircraft and to transfer carriage as a whole or in part to third parties, with the Airline continuing to be responsible for the booked carriage. In the event of changing to another air carrier, the Airline is required, irrespective of the reason for the change, to take all reasonable steps to ensure that passengers are notified of the change and the identity of the other air carrier as soon as possible. In any event, passengers will be notified when checking in, or at the latest when boarding the aircraft (EC directive 2111/05).



Hand baggage must not weigh more than 6 kg. The dimensions of hand baggage must not exceed the measurements of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. On account of space restrictions and security, only one item of hand baggage per passenger is permitted. The maximum free baggage allowance for checked baggage is 20 kg per passenger, unless otherwise agreed (e.g. by special provisions within the scope of customer loyalty schemes).

An additional charge is payable if the free baggage allowance is exceeded (compare clause 6). The person named as the customer on the booking and to whom the invoice has been issued and/or the passenger is responsible for paying the additional charge.

The baggage identification tag issued to the passenger acts as a record of the checked baggage as regards the weight and the number of items. Passengers are advised to attach a label with their name and address to the outside and inside of checked baggage.

The Airline may refuse to accept baggage to be checked in if it is not packaged in such a way that its secure transportation can be ensured. Passengers share responsibility for ensuring that their checked baggage, as well as all items contained therein, will survive transportation without damage.

Passengers are required to collect their checked baggage as soon as it is issued by the Airline. If baggage is not collected or acceptance refused, the Airline shall be entitled to charge the passenger for the storage costs that may be incurred.

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